Zerust®Excor® anti-corrosion products

Explore the range of corrosion protection packaging materials containing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI): VALENO® films, Bio packaging products Natur-VCI™, ABRIGO® papers, VCI diffusers and Corrosion Protection Fluids.

Zerust®Excor® Products

Zerust®Excor® packaging provides corrosion protection by creating an enclosure saturated with corrosion inhibiting molecules.

Zerust®Excor® products contain proprietary chemical formulations that allow anti-corrosion protection of ferrous (iron, steel and cast iron metals), non ferrous (aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, silver, among others) and products that contain combinations of the ferrous and non ferrous metals.

We offer anti-corrosion products like: VALENO® films, NAtur-VCI™, ABRIGO® papers, VCI diffusers and Corrosion Protection Fluids.

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Rust removers

Axxaclean 2048® is fast acting, safe and non-toxic rust and tarnish remover. It removes light to medium rust and tarnish, even in cracks and crevices.