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South America

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Zerust®Excor® VALENO®  VCI Bubble Film provides protection against both mechanical damage and corrosion.

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Zerust®Excor® VALENO® Bubble Film is a flexible, light and highly cushioning  packaging material with active corrosion protection due to ZERUST®EXCOR® VCI. It protects metal surfaces during transport against corrosion and the air bubbles prevent the goods from mechanical damage.

Zerust®Excor® VALENO® bubble film is available in three types:

  • Type – E –  yellow film – protection against corrosion damage for ferrous metals, such as iron, steel or cast iron.
  • Type – MM –  green film – protection against corrosion damage for parts that contain combinations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Type – A – contains special corrosion inhibing technology for all metals – use after consultation.
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